As a seasoned nurse and nursing consultant with 33 years of experience, Carolyn Nelson was hired by Consulate Health Care in February 2016 as a regional director of clinical services. At the time, Envoy of Winchester in Winchester, VA was going through a tremendous transition. There was a gap in nursing leadership, and as part of her new role, Carolyn was assigned to rectify the situation and spread her positive leadership throughout the entire nursing staff.

Ann Quinnan, regional vice president of operations, nominated Carolyn for the CHIRPs spotlight. “Carolyn has been working multiple positions in nursing and has spearheaded this turn around through implementation of best practices. She has put in long hours, never complained and has been instrumental in this significant change. She is an embodiment of Consulate’s core values,” explains Ann.

When we asked Carolyn about her success at the care center, she said, “It means doing whatever it takes to get the residents taken care of that day. I was there every day, participating in the passing of meals, making sure grievances were addressed in a timely manner.” She also told us that when she first arrived at the care center, families and staff were all calling hotlines instead of trying to get their issues addressed by the care center staff. Carolyn talked to the residents and staff and made sure they all knew who she was so they would feel comfortable with coming to her with any concerns. This approach worked, and soon, the residents would frequently be heard saying how much they liked the staff.

Carolyn said her success at Envoy of Winchester wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of her teammates. Ann, Tracey, and Carolyn comprise a terrific trio. Ann and Tracey covered Carolyn’s other responsibilities so she could focus 100% at Envoy of Winchester. The terrific trio continues to work together to accomplish great things. Carolyn appreciates the opportunity to assist Ann and Tracey so they can also accomplish their goals.

Ann, Tracey, and Carolyn comprise a terrific trio.

Integrity is at the heart of Carolyn’s leadership. “When you model integrity and have a staff with integrity, no matter what happens, you can stand confidently at the end of the day,” Carolyn tells her staff.  “You never cover up anything, I don’t care how bad it is, we are always honest and upfront.” Our families trust us, and we have to show honesty, ethics, and compassion,” she added.

Carolyn’s passion outside of work is her two grandsons, who are everything to her. She loves to cook spaghetti for them. The staff knows that if it is Friday, it’s spaghetti night! Carolyn, we thank you and the other members of your terrific trio. Keep up the great work!