Kayla Robertson found her passion early in her career. She was a senior in high school when she started as a CNA at Kings Daughters Community Health & Rehab in Staunton, VA. Four and a half years later, she is still enjoying her career choice.

One of Kayla’s favorite things about working at Kings Daughters is talking with the elderly. She said that the smiles on the faces of her residents are what motivates her to come to work each day. Not only does Kayla love the residents, who are like an adopted family, she mentioned  that all of her friends work at the care center. So, between the residents and her friends, Kayla is surrounded each day by the people who mean so much to her in her life. She calls the care center her “home away from home.”

"She calls the care center her 'home away from home.'”

Kayla is especially talented at interacting with residents who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. She helps them to get calm and listen when they are upset. She learned this skill from dealing with her own grandfather, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease at home. Kayla is able to come into work knowing that she has the capability to take care of residents who suffer from dementia, and it makes her feel special.

When we asked Kayla which Core Value is most important, she said that they are all very important, but honesty and respect are key. In particular, she said that you have to be honest and respect the residents in order to earn their trust.

Kayla is currently studying to be a LPN, and will graduate in May. After that, she plans on studying to become a RN. Although it can be challenging to balance her time between work and school, Kayla mentioned that Kings Daughters has been very supportive in working with her schedule. We are so appreciative of Kayla and the meaningful work she does at Kings Daughters.