It’s an honor and a privilege to tell the story of Tim McEntire and the fabulous staff at Oak Grove Healthcare Center in Rutherfordton, NC. Tim didn’t start his career in healthcare. He worked for Walmart for nine years. During that time, Tim supervised nursing students who would request time off for their studies. Tim was intrigued by the possibility of having a career where he could take care of other people. After nine years, Tim left Walmart to pursue his own nursing career.

At age 40, Tim began working as a CNA while taking the prerequisite classes for his nursing degree. Tim was doing such a good job at his care center, that the Executive Director asked if he would like to manage the building. “This job feeds my soul every day,” Tim told us. He is so grateful to have found his true calling.

"This job feeds my soul every day."

Tim began his career with Consulate Health Care in December 2014 at Valley View Care and Rehabilitation Center in Andrews, NC. In April 2016, he began working at Oak Grove. At Valley View, he had strong connections with the staff and residents. “I miss them every day,” he told us. Fortunately, Tim continues to love his job and his ability to do things for people that they can’t do for themselves.

“If you focus on providing excellent care, everything else just falls into place,” Tim told us. He and his staff are dedicated to taking care of their residents and patients, and he added, “It’s an honor to care for God’s children.”

There is one thing in particular that Tim emphasized throughout our conversation with him. All of the success of Oak Grove is due to his fantastic team. Under Tim’s leadership, Oak Grove recently won the prestigious ACHCA 2018 Eli Pick Leadership Award. Only 11% of facilities nationwide qualify for this highly selective award which is based on objective standards of care center performance.

Tim told us that “you need to have the right people in the right places.” He said that he has a really great staff, and the Eli Pick award, along with all of the care center’s other successes belong to his staff. He did tell us that he is careful about hiring decisions and promotions. He said that he looks for talent, and if he sees it, he will cultivate the individual and give them a challenge. He is so appreciative of his fantastic therapy team and strong nursing leadership.

Tim has great respect for all of the residents and patients that need assistance clinically and spiritually. “I am grateful and thankful to be here,” he told us. And we can tell that he means it. He sticks his head in every door, and checks in with his patients, families, and staff twice per day, both in the morning and before leaving in the evening. He said that the daily check-ins ensure there will be no surprises. In fact, he first learned this leadership technique as a Walmart manager, where it was referred to as Management by Walking Around (MBWA).

In Tim’s opinion, compassion is the most important one of Consulate’s Core Values. He said that, “compassion is what it takes to do my job.” Tim employs compassion in every decision that he makes.

Tim aspires to keep making Oak Grove the best that it can be. He has seen the building improve continuously, and looks forward to witnessing all that can be achieved with his team’s leadership. Thank you Tim, for sharing your talents and heartfelt compassion with Consulate Health Care and all of the individuals who cross your path.

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