Sometimes “staycations” can be just as fun and rejuvenating as traveling far away, and can be more feasible for those seniors with extensive medical needs and/or limited mobility. Staycations can include activities within your home or care center, or out and about on the town.

Here are some staycation activity ideas for seniors:

Theatre – Going to the movies is fun, but it’s not the same excitement and captivation as seeing one of your favorite plays or musicals performed live on stage, when you can practically feel the adrenaline in the air. Find a community theatre in your area or a college or university (with a theatre department) nearby, and go see a show.

Get lost in a book – Even within the comfort of your city limits or just your living room, reading a great book can take you anywhere and reveal perspectives once foreign to you. Books are like pizza—there’s something for everyone. You may need to dabble in different genres and try out different authors before you find something you love. One great book is all it takes to get you hooked on a fun and educational habit. Take advantage of your local library and check out books for free. Libraries often have a wide selection of audio books and large-print books for those with impaired vision.

Game night – Get a group together and throw a game night in which people can bring their favorite games. Whether the games involve a few people or entire groups, there’s a game for everyone to enjoy.

Play tourist – Take time to research and visit landmarks in your own town or neighboring towns. Even in the smallest and most obscure towns, history abounds. Get to know your surroundings and play a tourist in your own town. Who knows what you might learn.

Seniors sit at a table smiling and enjoying a game of cards

People watch and window shop – Take a visit to the local mall. Luckily, malls have many sitting areas throughout for patrons to rest. This is especially helpful for seniors who may not have as much stamina and endurance as they once did.

Makeshift film festival – Throw a movie marathon. Pick a theme, such as a genre, subgenre, or year, or anything that strikes your fancy. Or take votes, or have everyone pick out one of their favorites. By the end of the night, you’ll be more cultured and may even have a deeper understanding of the people around you. You can find films from streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, or look for more recent releases from RedBox. Additionally, local libraries have a selection of films available to rent for free. Have fun and keep the popcorn popping and beverages flowing.

Picnic in the park – Make your favorite sandwiches or pick them up at a grocery store. Have a picnic lunch or dinner (whatever time the weather and temperature is at its mildest). Enjoy nature, people watch, admire the sunset, and get some fresh air.

Group coloring session – Coloring books for adults have been popular for a few years now—and for good reason—as coloring can provide an escape and distraction from our current lives and invoke positive feelings of nostalgia. Round up a group to color and watch a movie together. If coloring is not your thing, then consider knitting, beading, crocheting, or another craft that interests you and your peers, friends, or family.

Just because long-distance traveling may not be feasible for you or your senior loved ones, doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of a little R & R. Have a happy staycation!

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