Come October, you won’t find AR Manager Patricia Haze sitting inside a bland, beige cubicle.

According to Haze, the Accounts Receivable (AR) department at Consulate Health Care corporate in Maitland may be “quieter” than most of the office, but that doesn’t mean they lack spirit.

She explained, “We decorate for the holidays, and sometimes we get crazy. I like winning those contests, and that the people I work with are into that, too. This time of year we start to plan out what we’re doing for Halloween and Christmas.”

More importantly than office camaraderie; however, Haze said, “Everybody’s very friendly. Everybody has the same goal in mind: supporting the care centers. Everybody has a good work ethic.”

Haze has devoted her work to the health care field. Originally from New York, she spent the majority of her career there, but left her job as a neurology hospital billing manager to move down to Florida to live closer to her parents, as her mother was in hospice care at the time.

While in Florida, she first worked in a dialysis billing center as a cash poster. When she was referred for a job opening at Consulate Health Care Maitland, she jumped at the chance. She said, “I came here and I loved it, and I love the people.”

“I like helping people. . . That makes my day if I can ease their mind and their workload. . . I like helping the facilities, so they can spend more time caring for their residents. I know how busy they are.”

Of her role, Haze said: “I like helping people. I like being able to make their day easier. If someone asks me a question, I can help them and they can move on and do something else. That makes my day if I can ease their mind and their workload. . . I like investigating accounts. I like helping the facilities, so they can spend more time caring for their residents. I know how busy they are.”

Fortunately, Haze’s dedication and compassionate heart proves effective. Crystal Desormo, Administrative Business Office Manager at Osprey Point Nursing Center wrote: “Patricia is so amazing to work with. Anytime I have a need, she is so responsive and respectful of my wishes. She is truly a blessing to my needs here at the facility.”

Luckily, good will and compassion run both ways here. Haze formed a connection with Deltona Health Care when she visited and helped prepare them for an upcoming hurricane season. She said she enjoyed meeting the residents, and reassured them she was located nearby if they needed anything. Later on, when Haze’s mother-in-law faced a medical emergency, Deltona came in clutch. Haze ran over to the care center to see if they could assist with her mother-in-law’s medical needs, as the pharmacy was closed. Haze gushed about the staff:  “They were fabulous and really nice, and helped me out. They met me and knew who I was, and they were very compassionate to me. They gave me a hug before I left. I enjoy meeting people who will go above and beyond for others. I try to mirror that.”

Over all the core values, Haze emphasized the importance of respect and compassion, and how they intertwine. “[You have to] have mutual respect of other people and what they could be dealing with on a daily basis. I think that’s important.”

Positive relationships and teamwork form a piece of Haze’s experience working at Consulate. In addition to the compassionate staff at Deltona and the fun-loving, positive atmosphere at Haze’s department in Maitland, the employees she speaks with through telephone lines also inspire her.

Among those, one in particular stands out:  “I speak with one of the traveling BOMs [business office managers], Dianne Rankin weekly. Her devotion to the job and to the other BOMs I find inspiring. She always brings great questions to me. I just am so impressed with her, and really enjoy working with her. She makes my day when I get to interact with her.”

Ultimately, Haze said, “I like working. I like being busy.” But in her personal time, she gardens and does yardwork, reads avidly (particularly Stephen King), and spends time with her family.

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