The spring season inspires us to clean out our homes for a fresh start. Just like spring cleaning in our homes, this season is also a great time to re-evaluate and spruce up our health routines and make changes that capitalize on the warming weather. Here are suggestions for staying healthy this season.

Invigorate Your Exercise Routine Many senior centers offer classes for aerobics, yoga or swimming. A simple walk is always a good choice.

Wake up Earlier and Play Outside The morning light will give you a good dose of vitamin D, and morning is the perfect time to take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air.

Lighten up Your Food Choose in-season, local produce. Here are four seasonal veggies to swap into your diet.

Get in the Garden Did you know that gardening burns approximately 250 to 350 calories per hour? Planting, weeding and raking are all great activities that will help you stay in shape and allow you to enjoy your surroundings.

Schedule your doctor’s visits including primary care, dental appointments and eye doctor visits.

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