Everyone has bad days. Some can be more difficult than others, but the challenges we face end up shaping who we are and who we become. What we learn from these challenges is often what encourages us to continue moving forward. Some of these lessons would be learned by Consulate Health Care’s Angie Gouty, a CNA at Consulate Health Care of Lake Parker in Lakeland, FL, who faced one of the biggest hardships of her life.

Angie was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, and in the midst of what felt like a million different thoughts rushing through her mind, one concern bubbled to the top: Who would take care of her residents at Lake Parker while she was away? What seems like such an unusual thought to many was really quite normal for Angie – she has always put her residents before herself because she feels like the Lake Parker residents are a part of her family. “Every smiling face that greets me throughout the halls of Lake Parker are the ones I was put on Earth to care for,” she said. Her dedication was recognized by others too, not the least of which was Katrina Davis, the Executive Director at Lake Parker.

Lake Parker2edit copy“Angie was close to several people here and always kept us up to date the moment she left her doctor’s appointments or any updates while she was hospitalized,” Katarina told us. “She cried when she was too sick because she couldn’t work. Her residents are what give her joy and not being able to take care of them or see them during this time made the battle even more difficult for her.”

LakeParker_textThat’s the kind of dedication that leaves an impression on people, an impression that Angie didn’t fully understand she had given to so many people. It was time to return the favor, and the residents and staff of Lake Parker tackled that challenge by continuing to share the friendliness and love she had shown to them. Thankfully, after months of battling, the good news came: Angie had received the “all clear.” Her exhausting appointments and long days were over. She would soon rejoin the staff she had left such a lasting impression on and who carried her spirit onward at the care center, even when she couldn’t physically be present.

During Angie’s difficult battle, the staff and residents of Lake Parker worked together to mirror the compassion Angie was known for. With bouquets of flowers and tons of excitement, Angie and the Lake Parker team celebrated her return. It was a difficult time that sometimes felt like a constant uphill battle, but Angie made it to the top with the help of great friends. We are beyond thankful for Angie’s recovery and for the compassion shown by the entire Lake Parker staff and its residents. Knowing that our Core Values are represented by not only our staff for stepping up to take care of Angie, but our residents who were there for her every step of the way, proves to us there is no such thing as an impossible challenge at Consulate Health Care.