Sylvia Guion has been part of the Consulate Health Care of Lake Parker team for 26 years. She started at the care center as a housekeeper and worked in many departments before becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), the role she is in today. After so many years of dedication, she truly enjoys coming to the center and helping the residents while learning new things from her workers each day.

Recently, the Lake Parker CNA was awarded a car for participating in the company’s Sign then Drive program. This initiative was designed to endow employees who referred other professionals who would be a good fit for our company and core values. Between May and July of 2021, each time an employee had one of their referred employees hired, they would receive one entry into a drawing to win a brand new car. In the beginning of September, Sylvia was announced the winner of the new vehicle.

“She has dedicated herself to our center for so many years and worked in so many areas.”

“She has dedicated herself to our center for so many years and worked in so many areas, I don’t think it could have gone to a more deserving person,” said the Executive Director, Kimberly Lucadano. It was a very emotional day when her colleagues found out she won. “The care center team, corporate team, and even the residents were emotional when they found out,” she added.

Sylvia never had the chance to get her license, and ironically just a couple of weeks before the Sign Then Drive program ended, she had signed up for driving lessons. “Riding in my new car was a dream; I cannot wait to be able to drive it,” Sylvia says.

Consulate Health Care is thrilled to have built another program to reward our employees who help our company grow. We would like to thank  all the participants for their efforts and recommendations. A special thank you to Sylvia for her hard work and commitment – We hope you are enjoying your new ride!

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