Stephanie Bradshaw takes on many different roles at Consulate Health Care of Windsor. Her willingness to help others, whether it is a resident or staff member in need of assistance, makes her a key member of the team at the care center. Currently, Stephanie serves the center as a social worker assistant, AP, and receptionist but is always ready to help other departments.

Prior to working at the care center, Stephanie worked with adults with disabilities, providing support to patients and caregivers in her community. She has also worked for over 12 years as a PCA and CNA helping many residents in different facilities in the state of Virginia. Stephanie has now been part of the team at Windsor for over two years and has shown to be a valuable team member

“I am a caregiver at heart,” she explained. Stephanie points out her residents as her biggest motivation to come into the care center ready to jump in and help in every way she can. “We have very special residents here; they are all dear to my heart,” she added. With a heart full of compassion for those around her, Stephanie prioritizes listening and understanding her residents’ needs each day, making sure they are comfortable and well at the center.

“No matter the task she is assigned to, she always says ‘I got it,’ and it gets done.”

Her coworkers at Consulate Health Care of Windsor also describe Stephanie as a go-getter, always going above and beyond for the residents. “No matter the task she is assigned to, she always says ‘I got it,’ and it gets done,” tells one of her coworkers at the care center. Stephanie is thankful for her workers and the caring environment they created at the center.

With almost two decades working in the healthcare field, Stephanie shared a piece of advice with young professionals. “Show your compassion for the residents and patients,” she said. “It is not always easy, but know that what you are doing every day is important.” She also emphasized the importance of wanting to make a difference. “When you have a heart for this job, you will make it your goal to help others,” Stephanie added.

The Consulate family is immensely grateful for your contributions, Stephanie! Thank you for always being there for our residents and being a reference of compassion and integrity for young professionals in the field.

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