When Kristin Stapleton was nominated for the CHIRPs spotlight, one member of her team said, “She has been super supportive to everyone during this crazy, hectic time (Covid). She has the biggest heart of anyone I know!” We reached out to Stapleton, who is the director of social services at Baya Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lake City, FL. Through our conversation, we learned that she demonstrates the Consulate core value of compassion on a daily basis.

Stapleton has worked at Baya Pointe for nearly four years. Prior to working at the care center, she served as a social worker in child welfare. After several years of long nights with the children in need, she transitioned to working with adults. Stapleton loves the residents and patients at the care center and appreciates working with the strong clinical team at Baya Pointe. “I’m a team player,” she said, and continued on to explain how everyone at the care center works together to provide seamless care, even during the most challenging times.

"She has the biggest heart of anyone I know"

It’s evident that Stapleton carries out her job with compassion. She said that as a social worker, she tends to get attached to residents and their families. She builds strong relationships, and helps people get through tough times with sympathy and kindness. She assures families and patients that she understands where they are coming from. Because of the strong relationships she builds, she is often in touch with the patients and families long after they have gone home.

Stapleton’s compassion is not only evident in her relationships with the patients and their families, but also with her staff. Her words of advice, which are based on her own experience, provide support to others working in the care center. She advises co-workers to take one day at a time, “Leave your job at work when you go home each day.” She said that working as a social worker is tough because there is a lot to learn quickly. But, she reassures her staff that she is only a phone call away. “I want everyone to succeed.”

Outside the care center, Stapleton stays busy with her husband and three active children. We look forward to watching her continue to lead, support, and inspire into the future.

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