Although Nickie Smith has only been at Consulate Health Care of Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Florida for just under two years, she has a lifetime of experience providing compassionate care and outstanding customer service in the healthcare industry. During her childhood in Omaha, Nebraska, she started accompanying her mother to work starting at the age of six. Her mother served as a restorative aide in a long-term care center, and Nickie would talk and play with the residents at the center. Nickie continued to help and volunteer at the care center over the years, and became a CNA in 1998. For 20 years prior to moving to Florida, Nickie worked in memory care in Omaha.

At Consulate Health Care of Jacksonville, Nickie loves to see her co-workers and residents each day. She especially appreciates seeing her patients do well and graduate from rehab. She is also thankful for the warm welcome she has received from her co-workers at the care center. “They have taken me in like a surrogate family.” That’s especially important to Nickie and her daughter, who are a long way from home in Omaha.

In her current role as concierge, Nickie realizes the importance of respecting everyone’s opinions, needs, and concerns. She said that her role is to “make sure everything is great from the time a resident steps through the door until the time they go home.” She checks in with residents often throughout their stay, to make sure everything is great, from room accommodations to meals. She even makes sure that patients have a good time while at the care center and that they meet their goals. She said that listening to residents and patients is the key to success. There is always a period of adjustment in the first few days of a patient stay, but with a calm tone, and patience, things get easier for the patients. She emphasizes the importance of being loving and caring to the residents, who have so much wisdom to share with the staff.

Nickie is excited to start school next year. She plans to continue helping people by earning a degree in criminal computer investigation. She chose this area of study because of her love of computers and investigations. While she is in school, she will continue to work at the care center. In her free time, Nickie enjoys spending time with her daughter and her three cats. Thanks for being a valuable member of the Consulate family, Nickie. We are excited to see where the future takes you.

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