As a travel MDS, Hannah Livingston helps train other MDS coordinators and fills in at care centers when they need extra help around the North Florida region. She has been a critical part of the Consulate family for a total of seven years. With this position, Hannah is able to assist different care teams and visit many centers while doing what she loves: helping people. Her passion for taking care of others was what sparked her admiration for the long-term care field.

Hannah started her healthcare career right after high school when she became a phlebotomy technician. While in nursing school, she worked at a cancer center as a researcher, which she truly enjoyed. As she graduated, Hannah became a Minimum Data Set (MDS) and started her work in long-term care.

Part of her job as an MDS is clinically assessing residents to understand their functional capabilities. She also helps the care centers’ staff identify health problems and plan how to address them. Therefore, an MDS is essential in providing our residents quality services that best suit them. Hannah understands this responsibility and is grateful to be able to help so many of the patients in the different care centers she assists.

“Having respect for our residents is essential to keep them happy and well.”

When asked about the Consulate core value she could relate to the most, Hannah said respect. Every day, she comes into the care center and is respectful to all those around her. “Everybody deserves the same respect and to be treated with dignity,” she explained. “Having respect for our residents and our teams is essential to be able to keep them happy and well.”

Hannah truly has a passion for working in long-term care and knows that it is all worth it, even on the hard days. She believes that having a positive attitude every day makes an impact when helping and supporting the residents. Her coworkers also praise her for the dedication Hannah shows day in and day out. “I have had the privilege of working with her in different facilities, and everywhere she goes, she makes an impact.  She jumps in, and with her quiet demeanor, she gets the job done,” said Linda Woolridge, RN at Heritage Healthcare Center at Tallahassee.

Thank you, Hannah, for being part of our team and being committed and dedicated to our mission. We are grateful to have you caring for our residents and providing them with the best care possible!

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