As we continue to celebrate Social Work Month, we would like to highlight a member of our Consulate family who pours her heart into her work daily, Chiquita Robinson. Director of Social Services at Harts Harbor Health Care Center, Chiquita stands out because of her passion for her job and dedication to her residents.

“My work is all about my heart, and my heart is about people,” she said. Chiquita explains that her passion for social work came unexpectedly. While working as a high school teacher, Chiquita realized that she loved the social part of her job, always wanting to help her students both inside and outside the classroom. Chiquita then went back to school and got her Master’s in Social Work and became a licensed social worker for the state of Florida. Later on, she also received her Ph.D. in Health Care Administration.

Chiquita joined the Harts Harbor staff in 2003 and stayed until 2010, returning as the Director of Social Services in 2018. When asked what she enjoys the most about working at the center, she said her work family. “The staff here, in addition to being coworkers and colleagues, everyone if family,” she explained. All the teams work collaboratively and depend on each other tremendously. Chiquita says there are many aspects she loves about being part of the staff at Harts Harbor, but being a part of a strong and cohesive team that offers the best care to the residents makes her proud.

“My work is all about my heart, and my heart is about people.”

Her main motivation to come to work each day is the residents. Chiquita’s goal is to ensure they feel they are home at the center. She works hard to ensure that her resident’s needs are always being met. She shows her dedication beyond just performing her daily tasks, Chiquita comes to work early and leaves late because she wants to help and loves being at the center. “Eight hours in a day is not enough for me. This is my passion,” she said.

After 30 years of working in health care, Chiquita says she learned many important lessons she ensures to pass on to younger professionals. “It is very easy to get carried away and to take on the problems and headships of our residents. It is so important to have a work-life balance,’ she explained. Chiquita does that very well in her own life. She has many passions and hobbies outside of the center, such as gardening,  playing with her son and spending time with her fiancé. She also loves helping dogs in need, even rescuing a deaf one and teaching it sign language.

“I am blessed to work in a field I enjoy and have a passion for,” Chiquita said. It is heartwarming to learn about the compassionate and selfless nature of the members of our Consulate family. Being able to highlight someone whose dedication and commitment to our residents goes above and beyond during National Social Work Month is an honor. Thank you, Chiquita, for treating our residents and staff at Harts Harbor with your whole heart every day!

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