Page Jones knew something wasn’t right when she arrived to retrieve one of her residents from the hospital. When she saw a hospital nurse helping her resident get ready for discharge, Page saw that the resident was not being as sensitive to touch as she usually was. Page expressed her concern to the hospital nurse, who then called in the physician. It turns out that the resident was in the middle of having a stroke, and Page’s keen attention to the resident’s behavior may have saved the resident’s life! Page had been working at Kenwood View Health and Rehabilitation Center in Salina, Kansas for over a year, first as a CNA and now the assistant activities director. It’s clear she has been paying close attention to her treasured patients.

Page knows that many of the residents don’t have family, and she is their family. She gets very attached to her residents and loves coming in each day to see smiles on their faces. She said that one of the hardest parts of the job is seeing her residents who are nearing the end of life. The ones who don’t have family hang on to Page until the last moments of life. Page knows that this is when the residents need a lot of reassurance, and Page is there to provide that for them.

When we asked Page if there has been a particular resident or colleague who has made an impact on her, she told us about a younger male patient who had never been married or had children. He shared stories from his childhood, and encouraged Page to live her life fully, because it turns out life is very short. Page has also learned a great deal from her Director of Nursing, Amanda Mayfield. Page told us that Amanda leads by example, by staying very tuned-in to the residents. She is also thankful for the support she receives from Amanda each day.

Page loves working at Kenwood View because of the teamwork and compassion she senses from the other employees. In fact, Page considers compassion to be the most important of Consulate’s Core Values. She said that sometimes communication can be a problem, but, “If you are compassionate, the residents will be assured that they will get the best care possible.”

"She loves long-term care because she can build relationships with her residents."

In regard to planning for the future, Page would like to continue her education in nursing. She loves long-term care because she can build relationships with her residents and she really enjoys working at Kenwood View. Kenwood View is proud of Page and feels fortunate to have her as part of the team!