From the moment you meet Taylor Grimm, LPN, you can feel her enthusiastic energy. The residents, patients, and staff at Kings Daughters Community Health and Rehabilitation in Staunton, Virginia are the fortunate recipients of Taylor’s passion. Faith Shifflett, from the social services department at Kings Daughters nominated Taylor for the CHIRPs spotlight, “Taylor goes above and beyond for staff and residents and is always willing to help with anything asked. She jumps in to help others and will work as an aide as needed,” said Faith.


During high school, Taylor worked as a CNA. After graduating as an LPN in April 2019, Taylor joined the team at Kings Daughters. In a constant effort to improve herself, Taylor is now working toward becoming a registered nurse. She said that the staff at Kings Daughters has been very supportive of her as she works on her RN degree. Taylor also mentioned that her director of nursing, Pam Whorley has been an inspiration to her. “Pam always strives to do her best, and she started as a CNA too,” said Taylor.


When asked about the biggest challenges of her job, Taylor said “It feels like I’m flying through the day” because there is so much to do. “When you’re overwhelmed, you can’t forget why you got into nursing.” Taylor said that she got into nursing because “I have a passion for caring for people.”  


The days are flying by now more than ever due to COVID-19. Taylor said that every day she tries to go above and beyond to make residents know that they are not alone, by making sure that they are entertained and happy. Kings Daughters has gotten creative when it comes to keeping patients entertained and happy during the pandemic. Prior to “social distancing,” a favorite resident activity was bingo. Bingo is still happening at the previously scheduled times, but with a new twist. Residents are playing from their doorways! Staff brings a patient’s bedside table to the doorway so the resident can play from there. The staff has to move up and down the hallways briskly to make sure that everyone can hear the numbers being called. Residents are thrilled because they are having so much fun and still winning prizes too!


COVID-19 has made keeping in touch with patient family members a challenge, now that visitors aren’t allowed in the building. To keep everyone connected, staff members are helping residents use the phone to communicate with family as much as possible. Staff is also working on video-chatting capabilities for those residents who are unable to communicate verbally. Families are being encouraged to send cards to the residents. The pandemic has affected Taylor’s behavior outside work too. She is personally “concerned and cautious of where I go and what I do when I’m not at work. I wouldn’t want to put my patients in danger.” 


Between working at Kings Daughters and working on her degree, it’s hard to believe that Taylor has any free time. Because of her high energy level, it’s not surprising that Taylor is an avid runner. Taylor’s passion and compassion make her a precious addition to the Kings Daughters team. Taylor, thank you for sharing your boundless passion with Consulate Health Care!

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