Inspirational leadership can be found behind the scenes of every successful team and is particularly important during our current battle against Covid-19. Maria Heinlein, who is Consulate Health Care’s Vice President of Quality Assurance and Clinical Practice, is passionate about providing the support, education, and infrastructure that enable the Consulate caregivers to deliver the most compassionate and highest quality care. Specifically, she is responsible for creating policies and educational programs for our nurses. When it comes to dealing with Covid-19, Maria immediately praises the nurses and caregivers throughout the Consulate Health Care system. “During these very trying times, the care center teams are truly heroes and are working so hard to care for our residents.”

She started her nursing career in the hospital setting, and after a few years, realized that she wanted to do something different. In 1993, she was hired as a supervisor in a nursing home in her hometown, and having found her passion for long-term care, she never looked back. All these years later, we are thankful that Maria selected this career path, and that she chose to join the Consulate Health Care team four years ago.

Fostering teamwork seems to be Maria’s superpower.  “Maria is an excellent clinician who has the respect of her peers, the clinical team and the nurses in our centers,” explains Andi Clark, Consulate’s Chief Nursing Officer. Maria said that her biggest motivation is the “phenomenal team I get to work with.” She’s not only grateful for the clinical and operational teams that she interacts with in Maitland, but also loves “working with the amazing nurses. We learn with them and from them.” Her time in the care centers helps her do her job better because she “can see policies and tools in action. I get great feedback and ideas for changes.”

“Maria is passionate about education and conducts a monthly Clinical Education call to provide CHC Nurses with evidence-based practices as well as valuable clinical policies and tools to assure safe patient care,” explains Clark. “She is available 24-7 to assist Region Nurses and Directors of Nursing with a policy or a clinical question-her phone and laptop are always in reach!” 

Maria’s integrity is evident in everything she does.” Her unwavering commitment has been evident during hurricanes over recent years when “she has been on the ‘front line,’ making sure that patients were safe and cared for and that staff was acknowledged for their work and compassion,” says Clark. Regarding the hurricanes, Maria added “These are the times we need compassion the most.”

Andi Clark sums it up best when she says, “Maria is a true role model of a professional nurse for all of our Consulate Nurses.” Thank you Maria, your positive impact is immeasurable!

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