“Keeping a positive attitude” and “living in the moment” can sound like trite sayings, but Sherie Saylor Messner, LPN gives them originality and freshness. Sherie is a unit manager at Consulate Health Care of North Fort Myers. There, she oversees a 60 patient unit that includes both skilled nursing patients and longer term residents. 

Having been a nurse for 47 years, Sherie has seen a lot. She started working in long-term care in 1983 in Pennsylvania. When she moved from Pennsylvania to Florida in 2009, she continued her career in long-term care. Although she has frustrating days in her profession, she “loves her job and knows that tomorrow will be better.”

There are lots of things Sherie likes about working at Consulate Health Care of North Fort Myer. First, there’s the fact that the care center is only seven and a half miles from her home. More importantly, she felt an immediate connection with her co-workers. She noted that she and the director of nursing got along very well from day one. It’s clear that the admiration goes both ways. Karen Palmeiro, RN, the director of nursing at the care center said, “Sherie works tirelessly at providing support to her nursing staff and ensuring that the resident’s needs are met. Her rapport with the medical team and facility staff is exemplary. Sherie is knowledgeable in facility history and policies/procedures. Her nursing skills are keen and she is always willing to help others.”

Karen’s comments highlight the fact that Sherie demonstrates all of Consulate’s core values. In particular, Sherie commented on the importance of compassion. “This is not a job for someone who just wants to collect a paycheck. You can’t leave your work on your desk.” Sherie elaborated that she often thinks about work and her patients when she is home.

According to Sherie, some of the residents and patients really “leave a footprint.” She lives to help patients who come in with a new wound to heal by the time they leave, if not sooner., She also loves when a patient comes into the care center unable to walk, and after therapy, they are able to walk out the front door.  Sherie is proud of the relationships she builds with long-term residents who end up feeling like family members. She mentioned several residents who get “so deep in her heart.” Sherie also appreciates the family members who express their gratitude for the care delivered by Consulate.

It’s not only the patients and their families who benefit from Sherie’s care. She said “the staff is like family too.” She is always willing to support a co-worker who is facing hard times at home. Sherie noted that staff often spends more time together than they do with their family.

Constantly learning is another favorite aspect of Sherie’s job. She said that she is always gaining new knowledge, and that keeps the job interesting. Whether it’s a new diagnosis, medicine, or equipment, the field is always changing and improving. “The constant updates keep you fresh.” We thank Sherie for sharing her freshness with the Consulate Health Care family!

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