With a remarkable passion for providing quality care for our residents, Delores Wasilewski joined the team at Destin Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center over two years ago. As a receptionist, she welcomes every person through the doors at the care center with a warm smile and provides them with a sense of comfort and belonging. With years of experience in the healthcare field, Delores came to Destin Healthcare and Rehab after retiring because she wanted to continue to help others in every way she could.

Delores’ mission at the care center is to make those around her smile, residents and staff. Her coworkers say she constantly goes out of her way to talk to residents and help with whatever they need. Delores is genuinely motivated to make a positive impact on the lives of those she comes in contact with each day. “I try my best every day to make our residents and my co-workers smile,” she said. “It is worth it and rewarding for me.”

"I believe that showing compassion can make a big impact on someone’s life."

At 72 years old, Delores doesn’t see herself stopping anything soon. “I love what I do, especially here, helping others,” she explained. Native from Pennsylvania, she moved to Florida after retirement but soon realized she wanted to go back to work and continue to provide help to those in need. Delores tells us she had relatives in long-term care centers in her home state but never got the opportunity to work in a care center. So, when she moved to Florida, she applied for a position at Destin Healthcare and joined the team in 2019.

Outside the care center, Delores has many hobbies. She has a passion for gardening and spends her free time taking care of her garden at home. Last year, she worked with the Activities Director at Destin Healthcare to build a planter for the residents. Now overflowing with flowers, vegetables, herbs, tomatoes and more, residents and staff enjoy spending time taking care of their little, lively garden.

Since she started working at the care center, it was evident that Delores’ compassion makes her a valuable team member. “I believe that showing compassion can make a big impact on someone’s life,” she explained. The Consulate family is grateful for her dedication to our mission of providing service with our hearts and hands and her commitment to our residents. Thank you, Delores!

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