Melissa Melikant joined Siemon’s Lakeview Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as the Infection Control and Staff Development Coordinator in January 2020, just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic started. The integrity and honesty she has shown since the start makes her an incredibly valuable member of Siemon’s team. Every day, she comes into the center and exemplifies all Consulate core values with dedication and competency.

Melissa’s kindness and compassion led her to the nursing field, where she could practice her passion for caring for others. Her journey in healthcare began when she was 17 years old and started working as a nursing aid. She decided, ten years later, to go back to school and became an RN. In 2018, she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

One of her favorite factors about working at Siemon’s Lakeview Manor is the friendships she has made at the center. As the Staff Development Coordinator, she leads by example and makes herself available to assist her coworkers with whatever is necessary for them to succeed. She is thankful to have such a great team that has helped her from the start, and that is always willing to learn from each other’s experiences. “They all have a piece of my heart,” Melissa said.

“I want the residents to know that we always have their best interest at heart."

Working with infection control, she saw the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on everyone inside and outside the care center. Alongside her coworkers, she had to face significant challenges and prioritize keeping everyone safe and healthy always. Thankfully to the cohesive team and plans put in place, she led the staff through it all. “The education, patience, and guidance she has shown towards our staff and families have been exceptional in preparation for the COVID-19 guidelines and, now, vaccinations,” said her coworker.

Melissa believes that it is necessary to take each day as it comes and face the challenges it may bring with a positive attitude. “I breathe and take some time to ground myself every day,” she said. Therefore, whenever she is not at work, she prioritizes spending time with her five-year-old son and husband. She also loves going to the church, fishing, and watching movies with her family.

When asked what the most important aspect of her job is, Melissa said it was being able to work on a team. “I want my team to know that they can rely on me. And the families and residents to know that we always have their best interest at heart. Always,” she said. Melissa’s ability to bring the team together makes her a valuable member of the Consulate family.

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