Lanier White has been a Life Enrichment Director at Deltona Health Care Center for over seven years and prior to that an Activities Assistant for almost 10 years. He carries out his duties with love, affection, and passion. He is loved by his co-workers and residents alike for his selfless customer service. He will never decline any requests from residents even if it means holding a cookout on a very hot summer’s day in Florida. Lanier has the ability to resolve issues with his great sense of humor.

As a Life Enrichment Director, Lanier plans, manages, and implements daily activities as well as care plans for the residents. “I coordinate socials, outings, musical activities, Bingo, and care plans for our residents. It’s a daily goal I have to do. I work with my staff and see what we can do, what peeks their interests. Life doesn’t stop for our residents, they are here today and we have to make sure that they enjoy their lives under our care,” Lanier adds.

Lanier, a New Yorker moved to Florida with his family in 1990. After high school, he enrolled and graduated from Bethune Cookman College, FL. with a Business Administration degree. He briefly returned to New York but eventually returned to sunny Florida in 2002. His mother was working as a CNA at Deltona where he would volunteer and eventually was hired to work. He became a certified Activities Director in 2009.

“We are one big family at Deltona,” Lanier adds. His co-workers from all the various departments are not only his inspiration and support but they contribute to the success of Deltona.

“Life doesn’t stop for our residents, they are here today and we have to make sure that they enjoy their lives under our care.”

Lanier’s Core Values are Passion and Honesty but “all five of them go hand-in-hand, you cannot put love on paper,” Lanier says. His co-workers know how passionate he is about his job, and he brightens their days with his humor and cheerful disposition. They truly appreciate his dedicated efforts to make Deltona shine like a sunny day in Florida.

Lanier’s expression of compassion for his residents knows no bounds. There should not be a limit on what you can do for the residents. Their lives must be enriched and fulfilled while they are in our care. The residents may have their challenges, “but we are here to get them out of their funk,” Lanier adds.

Recently, Lanier became an ordained Minister in Orange City, FL. His devotion to his flock extends not only to his parishioners but to the residents under his care. He spends his free time writing sermons and plays the drums for his church. His love for sports includes coaching basketball for the church league as well as for the Little League football.

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