Shane Coleman is a Unit Manager at Bonview Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, in Richmond, VA. As a caring and compassionate nurse, Shane dedicates herself to making the care center feel like home for her patients. Together with her team, she does all in her power to make every day a good day, even with all the challenges the pandemic has brought.

She always dreamed of working in the healthcare field. After high school, Shane became a Certified Nursing Assistant and started going to college, soon becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. She started working in long-term care to practice what she learned in school and her passion for caring for people. “Being able to help and be here for our patients is what motivates me every day. The patients are the best part of my job,” Shane explained. 

“Her patients know and trust her,” explained Carman Henderson, a colleague at Bonview. “We [coworkers] know we can talk to her, and she will help us.” Shane is incredibly valued by her coworkers too. They appreciate her leadership as the unit manager and appreciate her willingness to help everything when needed. Her colleagues describe her as kind, patient, and eager to help others, both residents and staff.

“Respect is everything, being respectful to others, even on bad days, is essential to do this job.”

Described as an example of putting our core values into practice, Shane says her favorite ones are integrity and respect. “Integrity defines you as a person and makes you who you are inside and outside the care center,” she explained. “And respect is everything, being respectful to others, even on bad days, is essential to do this job. Respect goes a long way.”

With many years of experience in healthcare, she shared some advice to nurses and professionals starting their journey in the long-term care field. “Long-term care can be hard; you have to have compassion,” she said. Through all the challenges and hard days, Shane explains that the patients make it all worth it. “I have a perception that this could be a family member, and I would want someone to treat them right. So I do just that for them.”

Shane believes that being able to be a good leader for her team is a priority, so she does everything in her power to be there for them. The Consulate family is genuinely happy to have her on the team. Thank you for being an incredible nurse caring for our patients and staff, Shane!

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