Yearly, National Physical Therapy Month is celebrated during the month of October. This observance was created to highlight the benefits of physical therapy and celebrate the importance of professionals in the field. Consulate Health Care wants to use this opportunity to highlight our physical therapists across the different care centers for the incredible work they do every day. 

Physical therapy for seniors has a variety of benefits which can include not only gaining strength and balance but also providing a renewed sense of confidence. Maintaining independence can be a struggle for seniors at home and long-term care centers due to physical and mental barriers. However, physical therapy can give seniors back their independence and make daily tasks easier. 

“Physical therapy keeps people independent, upbeat, and positive.”

According to BetterPT, the elderly population in long-term care centers often struggle with age-related physical limitations that lead to a greater risk of falling. This is a significant issue physical therapists address with exercise programs for residents. They often specialize in working with seniors to develop their balance. By doing this, injury likelihood decreases.

Providing physical therapy in long-term care centers also helps reduce discomfort caused by everything from arthritis to heart disease. This type of long-term care rehabilitation allows seniors to stay mobile and safe for a more extended time. This keeps people independent, upbeat, and positive. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but for many elderly individuals, it is.

Many Consulate Health Care centers provide long-term residents and short-term patients with therapists that help with mobility, exercising, and recovery on many levels. Learn what Consulate Health Care centers have to offer, and find a care center location near you

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