Diana Locklear started her journey in long-term care at Ashland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center right after she graduated high school in 1994. While working at the care center, Diana became a Certified Nursing Assistant and went to nursing school to further her career. Now working  as a Transitional Care Nurse and MDS Coordinator, she has become a vital part of the team in Ashland, VA.

An advocate for her residents, Diana ensures that all their needs are being met. “She is constantly championing patients’ rights,” explained Jock Jones, Clinical Liaison at Ashland Nursing and Rehab. Diana knows the importance of her work and how it can impact many lives with her everyday decisions, therefore she strives to put her residents as her top priority.

As a compassionate nurse, Diana’s motivation to continue to work hard and dedicate herself to her patients at the center comes from the services the center provides to the community. Diana grew up in Ashland, VA, where the care center is located. “It is a way to give back to the great community I am a part of,” she explained. She also told us her parents were patients at the care center for short-term rehab because she knows how excellent our services are.

"We stood up and gave our all to assist our residents and provide them with the emotional support we knew they needed.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, together with the Ashland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center staff, Diana knew her residents and even co-workers needed some extra help. “Even when there were not a lot of staff members here, we stood up and gave our all to assist our residents and provide them with the emotional support we knew they needed,” she said.

Since she started working at Consulate Health Care, Diana has had many wonderful co-workers and has also  had the pleasure of working with incredibly knowledgeable individuals from her care center and others. “I value the opportunity to connect with others and be able to reach out to anyone if I need help,” she explained. “I am just a call away from another staff member from a different care center that can assist me with whatever I need. The support is wonderful,” she added.

Having Diana as a part of our team at Ashland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is an honor. Her dedication to the residents and continuous commitment to our care center since 1994 is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing our compassion with us, our residents and their families. We appreciate you, Diana!

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