August 4th through 10th is National Health Center Week 2019, an annual observance created by National Health Center Advocacy Network that recognizes the importance of health centers, the staff that operate them, and the impact they have on communities across the country.

In addition, says the goal of this week is to “raise awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s health centers over the past five decades.”

Additionally: “Health centers serve 28 million patients – a number that continues to grow along with the demand for affordable primary care. In addition to their long history as health care homes to millions, health centers produce innovative solutions to the most pressing health care issues in their communities and reach beyond the walls of conventional medicine to address the social determinants of health affecting special patient populations. Each year we celebrate the work and services health centers provide to special populations within their community on designated days during the week. This year, the National Association of Community Health Centers and the Health Center Advocacy Network invites you to celebrate the ways that health centers are ‘Rooted in Communities.’”

Friday, August 9th, is specifically focused on honoring the staff that make health care centers possible. The National Health Center Advocacy Network writes: “The incredible value health centers bring to their patients and community is because of the diligent work of health center staff and volunteers – individuals who are committed to providing high quality care to patients in need. Health Center staff and volunteers are dedicated to the Community Health Center Movement and deserve to be recognized.”

Health centers exist in a wide variety of capacities and communities scattered throughout the country. Different types of health centers include: ambulatory surgical centers (outpatient surgery facilities); hospice homes; blood banks; nursing, rehab, and long-term care homes; dialysis centers; imaging and radiology centers; diabetes education centers; urgent care; health clinics; orthopedic and other rehabilitation centers; mental health and addiction treatment centers; health centers in colleges and universities, and more.

Fortunately, Consulate Health Care health centers make a notable impact on their communities, largely thanks to all those hard working staff members who embody Consulate’s core values (compassion, honesty, integrity, respect, and passion) so well.

Consulate’s care centers serve different purposes, including long-term care and retirement communities, care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, and short-term rehabilitation to help those recovering from surgery or an injury to gain independence and get back on their feet.

We know how vital health care staff members are to our communities, and Health Center Staff Appreciation Day is a great time to express your gratitude to those who devote their careers to compassion and healing.

Here are a few ideas for how to let them know they are valued, on this day and any time of the year:

Write a kind review about the care center on Google, and leave a high rating. Even a short and sweet message goes a long way, and helps points others seeking high-quality care in the right direction.

Send thank you notes to the staff members who have positively impacted you or your loved one.

Get involved. Volunteer your time and/or resources to your loved one’s care center if you are able. Many care center activities departments accept donations of supplies and snacks. While it’s never required, asking how you can pitch in is a great way to give back.

To all the dedicated health center staff out there, and especially within our network of care centers: Thank you! We appreciate you and feel lucky to have you! Keep up the great work. Happy National Health Center Staff Appreciation Day!

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