Jade Hossain was hired at Bonview Rehabilitation and Healthcare, in Richmond, Virginia, nearly two years ago. When she started at Bonview, she was hired as a receptionist, and Bonview only had two residents at the time. “I came in green,” Jade told us. She learned about post-acute care while on the job, and she and Bonview have grown beautifully together. “She had a warm and professional demeanor, which the residents, visitors, and staff absolutely loved. It wasn’t long until Jade was assisting all administrative departments at Bonview in some form,” said Mary Smith, human resources coordinator.

Because Jade came to Bonview at a young age, it’s not surprising that she didn’t have any prior experience in healthcare. She “came to answer the phone,” and before she knew it, she knew the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. She told us that she really had to do her homework to learn about the industry. Under the guidance of Bonview’s executive director, Regine Thomas, Jade told us that “she had a great learning experience, and she feels like she has a career now.” After talking with Jade, it’s apparent that her drive to excel and her passion for everything that she does are the things that allow her to learn and perform exceptionally well on the job.

After approximately one year as Bonview’s receptionist, the business development coordinator position became available. Jade quickly expressed her interest in the job and earned herself a promotion. One way to measure a  business development coordinator’s success is in new admissions. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and Bonview currently has 120 residents! Jade’s next personal goal is to fill the building to capacity, which is 147 residents.

"...she feels like she has a career now.”

“I love meeting new residents. They all have stories and different personalities,” Jade told us. She enjoys interacting with the residents once they have moved in, and it makes her particularly happy to see them enjoying their activities. Nothing pleases her more than to see the residents with their new friends, adjusting well. There are rough times on the job too. Jade is sensitive to the raw feelings of family members who are bringing their loved ones to the care center for the first time. Jade makes a point to bond with new residents and families. “Jade’s unique ability to comfort and assure prospective residents and families has truly been an asset,” said Mary Smith.

Consulate’s Core Values are precious to Jade. She mentioned that with Compassion, Respect, and Passion, the possibilities are limitless. She gave us an example of a time when a woman called Bonview because her husband needed a care center. The woman couldn’t drive, so Jade drove herself to their home, and showed the couple a virtual tour on her iPad. The couple decided they wanted to learn more, so Jade arranged transportation for the couple to visit Bonview.

Because Jade takes her work to heart, the residents make a big impact on her too. She told us about a particular woman who was bed-bound when she was admitted to Bonview. The patient didn’t respond much at the beginning, and the therapists were concerned about the prospects of her becoming mobile again. After working with her for about a month, the woman was soon walking up and down stairs, and was able to be discharged home. Jade loves seeing when patients are able to meet or exceed their goals, because it is a success for the entire team.

We asked Jade to provide advice for other business development coordinators. Jade suggested that they try not to get overwhelmed. “If you are new to the job, don’t give up, ask a lot of questions, pay close attention to communicating well, and make good relationships with everyone you meet. Also, admissions can be unpredictable, so expect ups and downs.” We think that is great advice, Jade. Thank you so much for all you do at Bonview!

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