Melissa Griffin at Emerald Ridge Rehabilitation and Care Center, has been demonstrating all five of Consulate’s core values since she started working at the care center 19 years ago. She is currently serving as a unit manager and restorative nurse. Working behind the scenes to make sure forms, surveys, and audits are up to date, she has been referred to by the director of nursing as an “Auditor Extraordinaire.”

Every day, Melissa is motivated by the opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of another person. She loves to make a resident smile or to provide comfort  to a coworker. She said that Emerald Ridge is a very welcoming place to be, where she experiences a warm, family atmosphere. She explained that there are a lot of “long-time staff who feel like one big family.”

The family bond goes way back in time to when Melissa was injured in an accident which kept her out of work for three months. She received overwhelming support from her Emerald Ridge co-workers by way of cards and phone calls of encouragement. They also cooked meals for her and raised money to help her through the difficult time.

"She loves to make a resident smile or to provide comfort to a coworker."

Melissa believes that the whole Emerald Ridge team demonstrates integrity by being loyal and trustworthy, and that kind of team ensures great results. As for her role on the team, Melissa explained that when other departments are behind, or have an employee out for some reason, she likes to jump in and help however she can.

Melissa loves spending time with her family when she’s not at work. She is teaching her son to drive and in return, he is teaching her how to play video games. She also enjoys riding motorcycles with her husband. Thank you, Melissa, for being an important player on the Emerald Ridge team.

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