When elderly individuals interact with children, there are benefits for both parties. According to Generations United, children that interact with the elderly benefit from the exposure to their elders’ traditions and wisdom. They also gain positive role models with whom they can interact on a regular basis. On the other side of the relationship, older adults who interact with children enjoy learning about new technologies from their younger counterparts. They are also more likely to stay mentally engaged and physically active, which both contribute to positive health outcomes in the older adult.

Here are some suggestions for activities seniors can enjoy with children as the summer comes to a close:


Take a walk outside to appreciate the sights and sounds of the changing seasons. The fresh air will likely lift everyone’s spirits.


Do some late-summer garden care, including weeding, harvesting and preparing garden beds for fall planting. 


Go out for ice cream! Older adults can reminisce with kids about where and how they ate ice cream as a child.