Steven Covey, who wrote the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, uses the metaphor of an “emotional bank account” to describe the amount of trust that has been built up in a relationship. Anthony Larson, the executive director at Envoy of Winchester, in Winchester, Virginia believes in making lots of deposits to emotional bank accounts, and in turn, earns the trust of his co-workers. “You roll up your sleeves and get in the trenches with your employees, and they will move mountains for you,” he explains. “You can’t take care of every detail in the care center, but you can take care of the people who do,” he added.

Anthony has worked for Consulate Health Care for the past three years. Five months ago, he started at Envoy of Winchester as the new executive director. Although he has been at Winchester for a short time, he has decades of experience in long-term care. He first showed an interest in long-term care at age 13, when he participated in an adopt-a-grandparent program. By age 15, he served as a maintenance helper. After completing college, he earned his nursing home administrator’s license and has been an administrator ever since.

The concept of emotional deposits goes hand in hand with Consulate’s core values of honesty and integrity. “If you’re honest, the rest falls into place,” Anthony says. He demonstrates honesty by following through on what he says he is going to do. Then his employees hold themselves accountable, too. As a result of emotional deposits he made a long time ago, Anthony was able to recruit 14 people from a building he worked at 10 years prior.

If you’re honest, the rest falls into place.

Anthony often finds himself in the role of a father figure. He shows employees how to conduct themselves in society. Some of his nurses are going to nursing school to further their education, and he makes sure they know they are important to him. Some employees even call him ‘dad.’

One of Anthony’s favorite things about Envoy of Winchester is that it is a small care center of 60 beds, which gives it a great family atmosphere. The receptionist, Ruby, has been at the building since it opened almost 38 years ago. Her constant smile is the “face of Envoy of Winchester.” She is beloved by patients’ families and everyone who crosses her path.

Anthony also appreciates the support he receives from Consulate’s corporate leaders. “Hands down, they are the most positive and supportive [upper management] I have seen.” He believes that “successful administrators do best when they are allowed to do their job.” He has witnessed micromanagement in other companies, but at Consulate, “they allow you to do your job and run your building.” Anthony, we look forward to your future successes at Consulate. Thank you for all you do.