Fletcher Health and Rehabilitation in Tampa, Florida would not be the place it is without Valerie Chambers, CNA. Valerie has been at the care center since it first opened up its doors 30 years ago. She was nominated for the CHIRPs spotlight by Fletcher’s executive director, Scott Allen, for demonstrating all five of Consulate’s core values.

Valerie is currently a medical records coordinator, but has held various positions in the care center over the years, making her able to pinch-hit in a variety of departments. Besides her experience as a CNA, Valerie has worked in central supply, activities, social services, and now medical records.

Valerie told us that no matter which department she is working in, she is motivated by her residents and the fact that she can do something special for them each day. She explained that fetching coffee for a resident, or even styling someone’s hair, can bring a smile to a resident’s face. “I just love helping out,” she said.

She attributes her success in part to the fact that she loves what she does. “We should always do what we love,” she said. Valerie also loves the time she spends with her own family, when she is away from Fletcher. She and her husband spend lots of time with their children and grandchildren, and look forward to retirement and travelling in the future.

A fun fact about Valerie is that she has always wanted to drive an 18-wheel truck! We hope that she will get to fulfill that dream and all of her other wishes. She has given so much to others over the years, and deserves all the best in the future!

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