Bobbi Buss has worked for Consulate Health Care for several years at multiple care centers. Since July 2021, she has been the Director of Clinical Services at Bardmoor Oaks Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Largo, FL. Bobbi has over two decades of experience leading nurses in caring for residents and patients. Her journey in healthcare started in 1977 and she began a career in long-term care at Consulate Health Care as an interim DCS.

With a caring and compassionate heart, Bobbi is a dedicated leader that goes above and beyond for her team and residents. Providing excellent care for her residents and their families is her biggest motivator to do her work with passion. “What I love the most about my job is knowing I made a positive impact on the residents at the care center,” Bobbi explained.

She also understands the importance of the residents’ families in the care provided. Bobbi says that a big part of her job is also helping the families understand the care their loved one is receiving and how to provide their support. “I like being there for a family member and helping them deal with whatever their loved one is going through health-wise,” she said. Bobbi recognized the impact her care has on many lives.

“Working in long-term care is very rewarding.”

“Working in long-term care is very rewarding,” said Bobbi. “Personally, I feel like I get way more out of it than I can ever give to the residents and families.” Her compassion and dedication not only positively impact the residents but also the staff members at Bardmoor Oaks Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. Bobbi’s nursing experience and passion for caring for others make her a valuable member of the care center’s team.

The Consulate family is an honor to have someone as experienced, compassionate, and respectful as Bobbi on our team. Her dedication to our residents and staff is exemplary. We are excited to see the care center grow and continue to provide excellent care to our residents under her leadership. Thank you, Bobbi!

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