Regional Director of Clinical Services for North Florida, Chastity Hardy, has been a part of the team at Consulate Health Care for over two and a half years. With extensive experience in the healthcare field, Chastity found her true passion for long-term care and skilled nursing a few years after getting her Nursing degree. Her love for helping others inside and outside the care center fits precisely with the responsibilities of her position.

After working in the hospital setting in many specialties, including the ICU and neurology, she discovered her passion for caring for residents and providing them with what they need and deserve, quality care. With her position, she is able to assist our staff at the different care centers she oversees with clinical proceedings and plans. Her goal-setting and upbeat personality make her a great asset to our clinical team.

Filled with compassion and determination, Chastity found that Consulate Health Care’s commitment to their residents matched her desire to provide care with her heart and hands. “What I like the most about working here is the support and commitment at all levels,” she explained. Consulate’s passion for providing the best services is evident, and our leaders work hard to be number one in quality care,” she said. Her willingness to work hard with our staff to ensure our residents are taken care of made her a key member of our team from day one. “It is good to know we are all here to help our residents and each other,” she added.

“It is good to know we are all here to help our residents and each other.”

Chastity explained that the biggest challenge of her job is not being able to do more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when our residents and staff needed assistance ensuring safety around the care centers, Chastity worked hard to help with whatever they needed. As she continuously does, Chastity made it a priority to educate staff on the new guidelines, help them implement them, and continue to provide residents with care to help maintain their health and well-being.

A nurse by heart, every step she takes, she thinks about her residents. This passion for always striving to do better for them makes her an integral part of our Consulate family. Chastity says she is thankful for the positive and motivating work environment Consulate has created. “The passion I see from our executive staff to our floor staff is what motivates me to come to work each day,” she explained. Thank you, Chastity, for all your hard work and dedication to our mission!

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