Christina Winthrop is a valued and dedicated, Human Resources Coordinator at Countryside Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. As a team player, her office door is always open to her co-workers seeking her advice and assistance in human resource matters. She enjoys the people she meets and the challenges of her job.

She has been working in the healthcare industry since 1988 and began her career as a CNA in Florida. Unfortunately, Christina suffered a severe setback when she sustained an injury. It took her three years to recuperate, recover her strength, balance, and mobility. “I realized, I could never return to my old job,” Christina says.

Nevertheless, her love for the healthcare industry drew her back into a different aspect of the industry. She gained several years of experience as a business office manager. With that experience, she landed her job at Countryside in 2011 and has been an asset to the center ever since. To further enhance her HR skills, Christina decided to return to school. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with an Associate Arts degree in Financial Business. Balancing between her day job and studying was difficult but Christina persevered and her accomplishments are truly an inspiration to all who know her at Countryside.

As a team player, her office door is always open to her co-workers seeking her advice and assistance in human resource matters

Christina’s HR responsibilities include juggling multiple tasks from training new HR coordinators to recruiting new CNA staff, and attending multiple job fairs throughout the year. She also provides her HR assistance at three Consulate Health Care centers.

“I attend over 10 job fairs in Florida including ones organized by our state, by nursing schools, and other organizations,” Christina adds.

Christina’s says all five of the Core Values are equally important. “I have to treat everyone with Respect and listen to their needs and wants with Compassion. Integrity to me is to be ethical at all times.” Christina adds. She admits that sometimes her job can be stressful but she has learned how to adapt and “do the best as you can,” Christina says.

As for the future, Christina is currently working on getting a HR certification at the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRMS). An organization she says is an excellent resource for those in the industry.

She loves nothing more than spending family time with her husband and her grandchildren.

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