Twenty-six years ago, when Shelly Hale started as a physical therapy assistant in a hospital, she didn’t know exactly where her career would lead her. After a short time in the hospital setting, Shelly began to work in long-term care, where she found her passion, and is still working now. Her career focused on rehabilitation, and after years of work experience and continuing education, she ultimately became a vice president at the rehabilitation corporation where she was employed. Although Shelly loved her job, she got tired of the travel, which required her to spend many nights in hotels. 

Shelly decided to get trained as a nursing home administrator so she could continue to follow her professional passion and travel far less frequently. In August, she earned a license to become a nursing home administrator. She is thankful that Consulate Health Care hired her as an executive director at Envoy of Woodbridge, in Woodbridge, Virginia. Shelly is especially devoted to the “very dedicated, hardworking individuals who work at Woodbridge. I ask a lot of them, and they never break.”

Like all of us during 2020, the pandemic affected Shelly very personally. In November, Shelly tested positive for Covid. She ended up in the hospital with sepsis and acute respiratory failure. Shelly experienced an outpouring of support through calls and texts from her Consulate family of co-workers. While she was ill, Shelly was still reaching out to check on her residents and staff at Woodbridge. She takes her job so seriously that she felt that she didn’t want to take a break. Thankfully, Shelly recovered and is now back at the care center.

“I know that if I need support, Consulate is here for me.”

In addition to Shelly’s strong passion for her work, she also emphasized the importance of the Consulate core value of honesty. “If you are honest with staff, they will understand why we have deadlines. I will be honest and tell my staff if there is something I cannot fix. I am honest with them, so they will be honest with me.”

This year has been challenging to say the least, but through Covid, Shelly has had the opportunity to demonstrate her passion for her job, her honest nature, and her integrity, which was demonstrated by her undying commitment to her job, even while she was ill. Shelly said that if there is one thing that she learned this year from her illness, “I know that if I need support, Consulate is here for me.”

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