Two years ago, Seth Lawson was working in a hospital doing safety work. He had been looking for a more fulfilling job when his friend, who is a nurse, recommended a job at Consulate Health Care of Lakeland in Lakeland, FL. Seth was hired as a maintenance technician. The care center knew they were bringing a competent technician on board. What they didn’t know, however, was that Seth would contribute so much more than expected to the organization.

Not only has Seth grown to become the maintenance director at Lakeland, and has made a difference in the life of each person in his path. Seth said that the staff at CHC of Lakeland is like one big family. Everyone is looking out for each other, and is willing to help each other in times of need. Seth also said that all of his co-workers are very important to him and he tries to go “above and beyond” when he can.. We heard a story that demonstrates how Seth did exactly that. Seth extended his generosity to a technician who came to CHC of Lakeland from an outside company.  The technician was brought in to change a compressor at the center on an extremely hot day. When the technician arrived, Seth greeted him with a tent to shade him from the sun and provided him with a cooler full of ice and water to drink to stay hydrated. The contractor showed his appreciation by sending a note of thanks to Seth.

"Seth greeted the technician with a tent to shade him from the sun..."

Seth is very much appreciated for his dedication to the care center. His executive director, Aileen Jones, tells us that Seth makes himself available 24/7 to meet the never-ending needs of the care center. She likes to tease him about how fast he gets to the building when there is a need after hours. She said that either he can fly or he must have a cot in his maintenance shop, because “once he is called, he seems to immediately appear!” He is the go-to guy for CHC of Lakeland’s marketing and employee events too. From grilling lunch for staff, being Santa Claus at the resident Christmas party, sitting in a dunk tank at an employee event, to gutting a room to fix a water leak, he does it all.

Seth is also motivated by the residents and patients at the care center. In particular, he loves hearing their stories. We heard that he has a huge heart for the residents. He is so kind and gentle with them and he always responds to their requests in a timely manner. In fact, the residents always ask for him by name.

When asked which of Consulate’s core values is most important to him, he said that compassion is critical. He mentioned that some patients might not have a lot of family members in their lives. He went on to say, “We need to care for these people like our own family.” Seth, Consulate Health Care is so appreciative of your giving spirit!