Jamie Prieto was a fresh-faced high-schooler who obtained her first job as a receptionist in July 2014 at Consulate Health Care of Woodstock, VA., “I’m the first point of contact for anyone who walks through our glass doors. It’s important to me, that I make a favorable impression,” Jamie notes.

Over the years, Jamie has watched and interacted with the residents and staff, learning the ropes on how the senior health care center is run, which has inspired her to do more by helping out in the business and social departments. “I started doing clerical work, ordering lunch for residents, making coffee for the staff, giving tours of our care center to potential visitors, new residents, or new employees,” Jamie adds. She speaks highly of the care center and always ensures that residents are given the highest quality of care.

Moreover, residents are very fond of her.  Throughout the day, they will sit and chat with her. “When I’m gone, the residents notice and ask me where I’ve been,” Jamie chuckles.

But that’s not all, her job has influenced her to go back to school to further enhance her skills. “I completed a Medical Coding Certificate in 2018 at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, VA. And now I have enrolled for an associate’s degree in Health Information Management which I will complete in spring 2019,” Jamie says.

Jamie’s love for her job influenced her to go back to school to further enhance her skills.

“I love to integrate what I am learning now to what I’ve already learned at CHC of Windsor. The staff and residents trust me and I make myself available to anyone who needs my help,” Jamie adds.

Jamie’s Core Values are Honesty, Respect, and Compassion.

“This job has opened a whole new world for me. The one person I’m grateful to is Jennifer George. She believed in me, encouraged me to do better and always praised my dedication and honesty,” Jamie enthuses.

Jamie travels regularly to Mexico but also has added New York and Philadelphia to her itinerary. She’s planning a trip to Canada upon her graduation in 2019. Good luck, Jamie!