Kimberly Manning, CNA, has worked at Osprey Point Nursing Center in Bushnell, FL for five years. According to the executive director at the care center, Patricia Joseph, “Kim has a passion for taking care of others that shows in her daily interactions.” Kim’s passion, integrity, and compassion have earned her this week’s CHIRPs spotlight.

Kim has been a licensed CNA for ten years, and has always helped her family members in the past. Before coming to Osprey Point five years ago, Kim worked in a different care center. At Osprey Point, she was recently promoted to the position of restorative CNA, due to her outstanding work. Her new position allows her to work with patients who were recently discharged from therapy, but still need assistance with ambulation and weights. Kim finds this new position exciting because she helps residents make progress in walking and gaining strength.

It’s clear that Kim is motivated by the residents who have become her extended family. She said they are always waiting for her and ask, “Are you coming tomorrow?” Although Kim is no longer working with the patients on her previous hallway, they request visits with her, and she is happy to oblige. Kim values her relationships with her residents, and told us about one particular patient who has dealt with very difficult situations in the past. The stories that the patient shares with Kim make Kim feel like she can accomplish anything.

While Kim said that all five core values are required to do her job, compassion is crucial. She exhibits compassion every day as she encourages residents to push themselves to make progress. After successfully getting reluctant patients to go for a walk, the patients find themselves energized and thankful for the push. Kim said, “treat everyone lovingly, like you would treat your own grandparents.”

Both the executive director and director of nursing at Osprey Point are encouraging Kim to become a LPN. Because of this encouragement, Kim is exploring the possibility of continuing her education. At home, Kim is raising four children. Due to her hard work and integrity, we know that Kim will have a bright future ahead of her. As she said herself, “I couldn’t see myself doing anything else except working in the nursing field.

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