Medical records coordinator, CNA, party planner, and ambassador of care are some of the roles that Zenobia “Shay” Wallace fills at Consulate Health Care of Vero Beach. Although Shay’s official title is medical records coordinator, she can often be found fulfilling a variety of duties in the care center. 

Shay has been a dedicated member of the Consulate Health Care of Vero Beach family for over 25 years. During that time, she has served as a CNA on every shift, had roles in medical records, central supply, and the business office. All of this varied experience, combined with her willingness to pitch in, makes her a role model on the care center team. Nicole Jordan, executive director at the care center said, “When we need resident care assistance on the floor, or when a resident needs a shave, Shay is the first to volunteer.”

It’s a constant challenge to keep medical records up to par, process things on time, and assure that people are able to access what they need in the chart, but Shay welcomes the challenge. She even has specific advice that she can share from her years of experience. “Breathe. Sometimes things get overwhelming, but take a breath and then go after what you are trying to achieve. Show excellent customer service and smile when you are talking.” Shay said that Consulate’s core value of respect really helps her to succeed. “I believe in giving everyone the respect they deserve. When you give respect, you get it back.” As she interacts with family members, coworkers, and residents, she continually tries to model all of Consulate’s core values.

A lot happens during 25 years of a lifetime, and Shay went through her most difficult life experience with the support and prayers of her Vero Beach co-workers. Her son, Christopher, had cancer, and according to Shay, “Staff rallied together to make sure I could get back and forth to Gainesville (for Christopher’s treatment).” Although he ultimately lost the battle with cancer, to this day, staff recall fond memories of Christopher, keeping his spirit alive. Shay is forever grateful for the supportive relationship she continues to enjoy with her Consulate family.

Every job that Shay does at the care center is done with passion and close attention to detail. According to Jordan, “She sets an example for all of us.” We are thankful to Shay for her dedication to CHC of Vero Beach, and look forward to her continuing to be a treasured member of our team.

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