Rhisynna Bowens, or simply Rhis, as she is known at Consulate Health Care of Williamsburg, is the Director of Nursing and has been at the care center for three years. She truly exemplifies what it means to be compassionate, caring, and honest. With over 40 years of healthcare experience, Rhis started working in long-term care in 2011 and brought her expertise to Consulate in 2018.

Committed to giving residents a voice and giving back to the elderly citizens in her community, she started her career in long-term care with the goal of making a difference. When asked what motivates her to come to work each day, she said undoubtedly the residents. Caring for those in need with respect and empathy is her passion and being able to help her residents to live a happy and healthy life is her favorite part of the job.

“Her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional patient care is evidenced in every interaction with staff and residents."

“Her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional patient care is evidenced in every interaction with staff and residents,” said Adam Harrison, Executive Director at Consulate Health Care of Williamsburg. Rhis is a valuable member of the staff at the care center, and her team is grateful to have her as a leader and colleague. “If I am recognized for something such as this spotlight, please know there is a whole team behind me, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them,” she explained.

She works extremely hard to continue to provide excellent care to all residents and their families while keeping her team happy and well. She understands the challenges of working in the long-term industry, and because of that, she values each of her team members for all their dedication and hard work each day. “It takes a strong person to swim against the tide,” Rhis added.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rhis took on many additional responsibilities and faced many challenges with her team. With her integrity and respect for the residents, families, and staff, she excelled in her position and did everything in her power to keep those around her safe. Rhis also worked extra hard to keep everyone at home well, as she loves spending time with her family.

The Consulate family is joyous to have Rhisynna on the team. Her commitment to providing quality care and continuing to be a premier provider of skilled nursing in the communities the center serves is admirable. Thank you for your dedication and passion for caring for our residents, Rhis!

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