We all come up with new ideas from time to time, but turning them into reality can be extremely challenging. Fanny Naritama, Consulate Health Care’s creative director, is a professional at making good ideas come to life. In particular, she is an expert in turning ideas into visual realities. Her eleven years at Consulate has given her a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry, particularly skilled nursing and long-term care. This experience combined with her creative expertise and strong work ethic have allowed her to be very successful in her role at Consulate.

When Fanny first came to Consulate many years ago, she didn’t have any experience in the healthcare industry. Her first design job was in another industry, and she joined Consulate as an intern. Because she quickly demonstrated her talent and adaptability, she was promoted to a staff designer, where she excelled for several years, earning her a senior designer position. For the past six years, Fanny has led the creative services department as the creative director.

Fanny was nominated for CHIRPs recognition by Dawn McDaniel, Consulate’s brand manager in the communications department. Dawn said that Fanny exemplifies all of Consulate’s core values, and there are too many examples to list in one place. However, Dawn did let us know that “Fanny never says no and is always going above and beyond to help her co-workers.” She went on to say that “Fanny is a great leader who is kind and creative.” Dawn also mentioned that “Fanny is excellent at managing multiple tasks at one time and she is an excellent problem solver.”

"Fanny is a great leader who is kind and creative.”

Fanny is the first to say that she does not do the job alone. When asked about her success,  she is extremely complimentary of the hard work done by her team. “I want to give the designers the credit. I learned to pass the credit on to my team. At the end of the day, if we don’t have the team, we can’t accomplish the big things.”

You might wonder how one person can be so driven for success. This is where Consulate’s core value of Passion comes into play. Fanny said that her passion for design gets exercised every day. “The job can be so challenging. For example, even after investing a huge chunk of time into a project, sometimes a client wants a total change. When the client wants a new plan or to take a different direction, we have to go back to the drawing board.”

She cited several reasons why she loves working at Consulate. She enjoys the interaction with her co-workers and the vendors that she gets to work with on a daily basis. She feels great about the fact that she is supporting other Consulate employees who are directly taking care of the patients. She helps these employees by using her talents to support all of their creative marketing needs. She also gets great satisfaction out of teaching people new skills. “In design, it’s imperative to keep up with the digital advances, new platforms and new design trends. You need to be passionate about what you do to keep up in the industry.” Fanny looks forward to continuing to “learn like a sponge,” and also to providing opportunities for her team to grow and learn new skills.

Fanny’s creative energy seems boundless when she describes her home life. She loves to cook and experiment with making all kinds of new things. She told us how she recently made a playhouse in her attic for her three young sons. It’s amazing that she has the stamina to maintain her high level of creativity both at work and at home. We are so thankful that Fanny has chosen to share her professional creativity at Consulate Health Care!