For Immediate Release

September 26, 2019

Local Contact: Jennifer Trapp


(Miami, FL) – The Floridean Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a 90-bed skilled nursing center located in Miami, FL, received a deficiency-free survey in September 2019.

As a part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), health care centers are measured and rated on a 5-star scale, helping families and caregivers compare different providers easier.

In addition to the CMS rating system, state surveyors also perform annual inspections to evaluate services and renew the care center’s state licensure. Surveyors enter the care center unannounced to interview and observe staff, check records and determine compliance with regulations. These regulations regard quality of care, residents’ rights, and HIPAA governance.

This achievement is an excellent testament to the commitment to high quality care and service that Floridean Nursing and Rehab caregivers provide for their residents.

Receiving a deficiency-free survey reflects the care center’s operations passing all of the many applicable regulations, and is a tribute to the standards of care that all of their employees follow every day.

Consulate Health Care’s employees strive every day to make a positive difference in the lives of those entrusted to their care. Achieving a deficiency-free survey shows a commitment to accountability and working towards safe clinical outcomes all while living out their mission of “Providing Service with Our Hearts and Hands.”

The Floridean Nursing and Rehabilitation Center earned their deficiency-free survey on September 26, 2019. Please congratulate them in our comments section below!


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