Staffing in long-term care has always been an important part of running a smooth operation. With COVID-19, it’s more critical than ever. Healthcare workers are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of patients, residents, and themselves. Some of these extra steps include checking temperatures on residents daily, wearing face masks, washing hands vigilantly, maintaining social distance between residents, and taking the temperature of anyone pre-approved to enter the community. All of these added steps make the job even more challenging.

During her 22 years at Brentwood Retirement Community, in Lecanto, Florida, Laura Richburg has learned exactly how important staffing is. She currently serves as the staff coordinator at Brentwood Retirement. When she first started in 1998, she was a CNA and worked her way up to her current position.

We learned about Laura from Crystal Petrucci, a care liaison who  received a wonderful compliment about Laura. Crystal explains, “A family member of one of our residents had been sick. This family member needed to fill out a form and get it to the doctor. The family member asked Laura to leave it out so they could get it to the doctor and not risk getting anyone sick. Laura went above and beyond and brought the form directly to the doctor herself, instead of having the family member do it.” Crystal added, “Without hesitation, I see Laura ALWAYS being courteous and going above and beyond. Laura has dedicated so many wonderful and selfless years to our community and I would like to have her recognized for this! We love you Laura! You are one of the reasons our residents love to live at Brentwood.”

The example provided above speaks volumes about Laura’s compassion, integrity, and passion. In addition to those core values, Laura recognizes that respect is something that needs to be earned. Laura explained,” You earn respect by being kind to people. You need to listen to them, and try to give them what they ask for.” That’s a challenge when you are the staffing coordinator, but from what we have learned, Laura’s an expert.

Laura has a full life outside of work too. She has four children aged 16-27, and six grandchildren (plus two more on the way). Laura, you are a true treasure, and we hope you continue at Brentwood Retirement Community for many years to come!

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