Halloween can be a fun and festive time for kids of all ages, including seniors. The following are a few tips to help the seniors in your life stay safe on Halloween night.

Arrange for a “Halloween Helper”. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for seniors to continually answer the door for trick-or-treaters. Arrange for a relative or neighbor to assist your senior with answering the door and passing out candy.

Be careful driving. Trick-or-treaters may unexpectedly run into the street with excitement. Sometimes, the children are wearing dark costumes. If you have to drive on Halloween night, proceed slowly and with caution, even when backing out of your own driveway.

Leave your home’s outdoor and indoor lights on. Even if you are not handing out treats, a well-lit house can deter troublemakers from choosing your home. The inside lights give the appearance of more than one person being home.

Join your family or neighbors, and hand out treats at their home.

Keep your porch, sidewalk, and entry way free of obstacles and open flames. This will help keep your trick-or-treaters safe.

Keep pets in another room before answering the door. This will ensure the safety of your visitors as well as your pet.

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