With over 40 years of healthcare experience, Steve Hord, Vice President of Pharmacy, brings immense pharmaceutical expertise to Consulate Health Care. Since joining the Consulate family five years ago, Steve has shown an incredible dedication to our mission and our residents. By combining his knowledge with the passion for his profession, he comes into work each day committed to making a difference.  

Steve started his career in pharmacy in 1981, intending to make a positive impact in people’s lives day in and day out. Now at Consulate Health Care, his motivation to do his best every day comes from inside the care centers. “I want to make sure our residents have everything they need,” he explained. While he works in Consulate’s corporate office, he makes it his priority to visit the different care centers and meet the people there whenever he can. “It’s all about making a difference for the residents,” he added.

Andi Clark, Consulate Health Care’s Chief Nursing Officer, nominated Steve for this recognition for his integrity and passion, always putting our residents first. “Steve has shown incredible dedication to our mission, working with CVS Pharmacy, our centers and the clinical team as the chief collaborator to assure COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics were organized and scheduled for our residents and staff,” she said.

“I want to make sure our residents have everything they need.”

With pharmacy, Steve works behind the scenes optimizing operations and financial transactions. His favorite part about his job is helping people come up with solutions for problems they are facing. He explains that seeing the light going on in their team member’s eyes when they fix an issue is the most rewarding aspect of his work. “Pharmacy pricing can be difficult, but we are here to help explain everything and make it easy to manage and have the desired outcome for all involved,” he said.

Steve used this opportunity to share a piece of advice with younger professionals starting their careers in health care and long-term care. “Find something that you like to do and that you know you will be making a difference,” he told us. Steve’s passion for his job is admirable. Now at 69 years old and working as a pharmacist for the majority of his life, he says he does not see retirement coming anytime soon because he loves what he does and is “having way too much fun helping others every day,” in his words.

He is a hard worker around the clock. His incredible dedication to any task he commits to is also apparent in his personal life. Steve is a woodworker; he spends his time outside the office building bowls, furniture, and more. He even built his own kitchen table and bench for the house he shares with his wife.

Steve’s honesty, integrity, and passion for his job make him a valuable member of our Consulate family. We are thankful to have an individual as dedicated to helping our patients and coworkers as Steve. Thank you for your commitment to our mission, Steve!

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