At Emerald Ridge Rehabilitation and Care Center in Asheville, North Carolina, Teresa Tweed is referred to as “Jack,” because she is a jack-of-all-trades. She not only is their full-time transport aid and scheduler, she also fills in whenever and wherever needed, even if that means plunging a toilet, changing a lightbulb, or starting the laundry. But, there is a whole lot more to Teresa than her ability to get any job done efficiently.

As a Consulate employee for over 15 years, it’s glaringly apparent that Teresa is loved not only by her residents and their family members but by the staff as well. She is always there to help on the halls and lend a helping hand. Not only is she a model employee who rarely misses work, she is a friend to all of her coworkers. The love is mutual in Teresa’s relationships. Teresa told us that she is motivated to do her best because she loves her patients. In fact, she said that nothing makes her happier than to see her patients get well and healthy.

Stephanie Welker, the business development coordinator at Emerald Ridge, was inspired to nominate Teresa for CHIRPs recognition for a long list of reasons. Teresa had a personal impact on Stephanie’s life because Stephanie recently lost her mother to cancer, and was terrified to return to work. “Teresa has been a constant support for me as she has lost loved ones recently too. She is a true caregiver. She always puts others needs before her own and never asks for anything in return,” said Stephanie. It turns out that Teresa has suffered a  great personal loss in her own life, and was able to empathize with Stephanie and provide helpful support based on her own experiences. According to Stephanie, “Compassion runs through Teresa’s veins.”

"Compassion runs through Teresa’s veins.”

We asked Teresa if she had advice for others who work directly with patients, and she provided three wise suggestions. “Be a go-getter, be on time, and be an advocate for your residents.”

In her free time, Teresa is a NASCAR race enthusiast. This year alone, she has gone to four races. She told us that her favorite team is anyone who is driving a Chevrolet!

It’s clear that Teresa Tweed is a shining example of all of Consulate’s core values. Emerald Ridge would not be the same without her, and they are blessed to have her on the team.