In 2004, Consulate Health Care created the ACE Awards to recognize those who embody all of our  Core Values at work and in their daily lives; Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Passion. After being nominated with a detailed letter on how the employee exemplifies the Core Values by their supervisor, those who go above and beyond were selected and recognized with a special celebration.

After receiving many heart-warming and touching nominations, five employees were chosen last year for our ACE Awards. While reviewing each of their stories, we couldn’t help but find it unique that each one seemed to personify a specific Core Value exceptionally well.

  • Compassion – Kristine Bridges (Destin Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Destin, FL)
  • Honesty – Judy Morgan (University Hills Health and Rehabilitation, Pensacola, FL)
  • Integrity – Christi Fulton (Consulate Health Care of Bayonet Point, Hudson, FL)
  • Respect – Brian Aguiar (Kimwell, Fall River, MA)
  • Passion – Lisa Weeks (Skyline Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Floyd, VA)

Since 2009, Kristine Bridges has worked with Destin Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center as a CNA and is known for her kindness and generosity. Kristine consistently shows Compassion for her residents by purchasing clothing and miscellaneous items when in need – obtaining new equipment for the salon free of charge, donating a television to a resident in need of one – and those are just a few examples. Even at the end of a particularly long day, Kristine always exudes a positive attitude and tackles every task with a smile. Carrying Compassion is not just part of Kristine’s job; she’s made it a way of life.

Judy Morgan began working as a CNA for University Hills Health and Rehabilitation care center about four years ago and has proved to be a pivotal employee. Judy is recognized for her Honesty and has earned her residents’ trust by keeping her word. As one resident said, “If Judy says something, she stands by her word.” Judy also encourages Honesty in her residents and asks them to always communicate what they want and need from her. Judy is described as “a ray of sunshine to all her patients” and works hard to assure that each one of her residents is treated with the respect and honesty they deserve.

For 13 of her 18 years working as a CNA, Christi Fulton has worked with Consulate Health Care and has proven to be one of the most valued and loved employees at Consulate Health Care of Bayonet Point. Christi’s Integrity continues to shine through her work and community outreach. She brings enthusiasm and energy to care center events and takes on more responsibility to help lighten the load on others. Christi has been described by fellow staff members as “sincere, authentic and fun.” Outside of work, Christi volunteers for the nonprofit organization Help Save the Next Girl, which provides outreach support to victims’ families and aims to keep young women and campus communities alert to predatory danger. In a nomination by one of the residents, she was described as going “above and beyond her job description and deserves a million awards.”

At just 24-years-old, CNA Brian Aguiar is a man of many talents. He has been described as a “caretaker, cheerleader, confidant, and close friend” to the staff and residents at Kimwell. He treats his residents with the same Respect that he does to his fellow staff and encourages them to keep trying when they may have failed before. He helps create a positive work culture with an optimistic attitude and lighthearted jokes. Brian works with “both hands and heart” every day and the Respect that he provides to everyone he’s around has set an example to us all.

Starting at as a CNA almost 14 years ago, Lisa Weeks has grown with Skyline Nursing and Rehabilitation, and is now the Medical Records and Central Supply Coordinator. As valuable as she is kind, Lisa is known for her Passion. Coming in on her days off to visit with residents and donating to the resident Bingo fund is no rare occurrence for Lisa. To better define Lisa’s Passion, when a former employee was fighting cancer, Lisa spent her own time and money to make scarves to help raise funds for medical expenses. Lisa’s fellow staff says she passionate because “she doesn’t know any other way to be.”

It’s clear to see that each of our five ACE Award winners were chosen for a reason and we are truly humbled to have them with us. Their commitment to improving the quality of life for their residents, fellow staff, and all those around them inspires us all and sets the bar high for years to come. They have touched the lives of so many and their demonstrations of our Core Values will continue to echo and set the path for the year to come.


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