Mark Crandall, the Chief Information Officer at Consulate Health Care, recently contributed an article in CIO Review, a technology magazine which allows decision makers to share their insights.

In Mark’s article, he discusses the specific challenges of being a CIO in a healthcare organization. He examines how, even after successfully providing each Consulate care center with a wireless infrastructure and upgraded circuits, there are still regulatory barriers to using these systems to increase the quality of care that can be provided right at the bedside. The regulations surrounding the healthcare practice and reimbursement are “dizzying and vary from state to state,” says Crandall.

So, even though doctors and practitioners have secure access to the data they need, right at the bedside of the patients, the logistics of providing credentialed care to patients and then getting properly reimbursed for those services stand in the way of maximizing today’s technology potential. You can learn more by reading the complete article here.

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