A robust activities program is nothing new for Transitional Health Services of Kannapolis, in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Two months ago, the activities staff was completing the final preparations for an epic Miss THS pageant as part of “Vegas week” at the care center. Miss North Carolina International was scheduled to serve as a pageant judge, and ROTC escorts were assigned to walk arm-in-arm with the contestants. Unfortunately, the pageant had to be canceled when COVID-19 prohibited all care centers from having visitors. 

While the pandemic forced the THS activities staff to adjust their programming, they wasted no time in adapting. Melanie Russell, activities director, and Jennifer Barber, activities assistant, began brainstorming on ways to keep staff and residents’ spirits high during challenging times. They decided to have themed spirit weeks. Most recently, the care center celebrated with a “True Colors” week. In their usual fashion, the team let their imaginations run wild while planning out the week.

Here’s what True Colors Week entailed:

  • Monday – Wear blue to calm friends during the storm!
  • Tuesday – Wear yellow to bring sunshine to someone’s day!
  • Wednesday – Wear pink because on Wednesdays everyone should wear pink!
  • Thursday – Wear orange because “orange” you glad you have your THS family!
  • Friday – Rainbow day – to remember there’s always a rainbow after a storm!

For each day of the week, staff and residents dressed in the designated colors, and activity programming and edible treats were also coordinated with the color of the day. The THS team took pictures of staff and residents enjoying each day of the week and shared the photos on the care center’s Facebook page. Families and loved ones of the residents enjoyed seeing all of the fun taking place at THS. “Residents are getting a kick out of it, and it changes the energy in the building,” said Melanie of the theme weeks. She even overheard a resident saying that even though it’s a rough situation out in the world, at THS, the staff and residents  are always singing, dancing, and having fun. That’s exactly Melanie’s intention, so she knows the programming is a success!

In regard to the future, Melanie said,”because the rules are ever-changing, we are staying fluid,” and adjusting programming accordingly. Congratulations, activities team, your creativity is paying off, and you are appreciated by staff, residents, and the entire Consulate family.

Pink out day during THS Kannapolis spirit week
Pink out day during THS Kannapolis spirit week

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