At Consulate Health Care, our Core Values mean everything to us. Every day in our care centers, we witness our caregivers on the front lines, demonstrating Compassion, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, and Passion in their interactions with our patients and their families. They are the heart and soul of our organization.

What are less visible, however, are the contributions made by the many people behind the scenes. This week, we will take a closer look at the Information Technology (IT) department at Consulate Health Care, and begin to understand how this department’s work enables the front line workers to provide the highest quality, most compassionate care possible.  Approximately 100 IT employees deal with intense pressure each day to ensure our caregivers have the information they need, protect the privacy and security of Consulate’s highly sensitive data, and  support end-users 24/7. While we may not see their faces on a daily basis, these individuals are an integral part of the Consulate family.

In 2014, the IT department started recognizing individuals on the team that have made an impact but might not be visible to those outside their department. To show appreciation for these efforts, the IT Impact Awards are presented during the Quarterly IT Department Meeting to individuals who have have gone above and beyond in their work in the IT department. Staff members are nominated by their peers, management team, and often times the customers that we serve at Consulate.

The most recent awards were given out on March 7, 2018. The winners came to the meeting unaware that they were going to win an award. There were a total of nine awards, and each recipient received a certificate and an engraved acrylic trophy. In addition, four individuals were nominated by their peers or manager for exhibiting one or more of Consulate’s Core Values. Below is a list of the individuals who were recognized during the Quarter 1 awards, with a brief excerpt from their nomination:

Stacy Jambé

Since joining us in August 2016, Stacy has demonstrated professionalism, respect and a keen eye for detail in everything she does. Her leadership and organization has been vital to what has been a long and detailed evaluation process.

Jeffrey Bundy-Van Horne

Jeff persists until we have all of the right answers to move forward with a project, and he takes initiative to get things done while also consistently producing high-quality results. However, what we may appreciate even more than Jeff’s thoroughness is his kindness!

Carla Bell

Carla consistently works as a team member and tries to always keep things simple. Carla is detail-oriented. Her testing of stories and QA abilities ensures products are not released prematurely.

Ted Latonik

He has a voracious appetite for incidents and handles them without being asked and without complaint. Ted also works closely with the IAM team to ensure daily provisioning is a success.

Gino Jean

Gino displays a work ethic indicative of a strong, underlying passion for the work he performs.  Gino doesn’t just work his tickets, but rather he invests time and understanding into the things he is doing and why he is doing them. This leads to better outcomes for customers and the company’s bottom line.

Jacob Schreiber

He’s a stellar employee who fully embodies our CHIRPs values, and is a top-class IT technician. Jacob embodies qualities like proactivity, integrity, and honesty.  We’re very grateful that he’s a part of our IT team.


Justin Erfani

He volunteered to reach out to care center leadership during a high urgency situation to help ease the burden of his fellow peers and leadership, and similarly to use his compassion to reassure care center staff of our commitment to expediently resolve their issues.

Team Impact Award: Identity Access Management Team (Orlando Bookal, Michael Armstrong, and Ivan Mozo, led by Michael Mangum)

The team regularly gets calls during non-business hours, a lot of times happening between 2am – 5am, and again not one single complaint. The team is always on the lookout for a way to better streamline our workflows to improve production.

Abby Wood

She is always available to offer assistance and answer questions that may arise. She exudes positivity in all situations. There would be no Impact Awards without Abby. She is the ultimate impact.

Teri Dailey – Compassion

Teri constantly displays compassion for her fellow co-workers. She takes time to facilitate resolutions to issues that affect patient care and management. She works endlessly, even on her time off to assist administration in correct direction of EHR usage.

Matt Wagner – Passion

By pursuing additional certifications or bettering his education, Matt is consistently demonstrating a passion to making himself and those around him better.

Jyotika Tailor – Passion

Although we all know Jyotika to offer assistance in her uniquely pleasant, helpful, yet matter-of-fact way, her professionalism, depth of knowledge, and willingness to share it at any time conveys a rare passion for what she does.

Ajani Gibson – Respect and Passion

He demonstrates above and beyond respect and passion in sharing creative and determined problem solving with the slightest alert that someone needs help. He is not only quick to assist customers at our facilities and corporate offices, he does so with grace and persistence.

While these award winners cannot be seen in our care centers directly caring for our residents with their own hands, they are working diligently right behind the curtain of a well-orchestrated symphony. Thank you to all of these winners in the IT department!

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