Marisely Gaud started working as a CNA in Texas during high school. When she moved to Florida 18 years ago, she started her career at Consulate Health Care of Lakeland in Lakeland, Florida, and she has stayed at the care center ever since.  During her time at Lakeland, she has served as a CNA, restorative CNA, and now she is the business development coordinator.

After all of these years, Marisely is still motivated by the way the patients smile at her each day when she comes into work. She said “we are family to these patients, even when they have family outside the building.” Marisely considers the care center to be her second home, and so many of the staff members feel like family. Marisely loves the fact that there are numerous staff members who have been working together over the years.

All of Consulate’s core values guide Marisely’s work at Lakeland, but she emphasized the importance of honesty. “I am always honest when I talk to family members who are deciding whether or not to come to our care center.” She knows that being honest will instill trust between all parties involved, and it lays the foundation for positive relationships in the future.

When Marisely is having a tough day at work, she remembers to keep smiling, and her day will go great. “My smile reminds me that everything will be okay.” Marisely wants to continue her work at Lakeland, and is always open to the challenge of a new opportunity within the organization. When she’s not at work, Marisely enjoys spending time with her family, attending church, and relaxing.

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