Vicky Wolford of Consulate Health Care of Williamsburg, in Williamsburg, VA has been in healthcare since the 80’s. Although today Vicky is both a unit manager on the rehab unit and also the staffing coordinator, she did not begin her career in those roles. 30 years ago, Vicky was working in a grocery store and also waiting tables on the side. Working those two jobs made her realize how much she wanted to become a nurse. So, she began going to school in Beckley, West Virginia and became a nurse. Shortly after, she started her career in a hospital. Due to her having to move, she eventually began working for an agency and ended up in long-term care. As soon as she started, she knew it was where she really belonged. She said, “Oh my gosh, this is what I should be doing.” She eventually became a unit manager and found her way to Williamsburg.

Vicky has been with Consulate Health Care for 5 years now, and couldn’t be happier. When asked what she likes most about working at Williamsburg, she said, “This center has the most dedicated, loyal staff that I have ever worked with.” The nurses all pitch in and pick up shifts, and her team goes above and beyond every day.” The CNAs there love the residents, and the team’s overall goal is always that the resident should feel taken care of. Vicky says that the staff that she works with and the patients that she cares for are her two favorite things about working at Williamsburg.

"...her team goes above and beyond every day.”

When asked about how she stays motivated to come to work each day, she said, “We all rely and depend on each other. One missing link hurts us all, so we all try to be here every day.” This fact plus the residents are what keeps Vicky passionate about her work. Vicky has had several residents who have impacted her life as well. The first resident that she worked with was very close to her and became a little attached. It was extremely difficult for Vicky when one night, the resident came home from the hospital extremely ill and the next day passed away. This broke Vicky’s heart, but made her realize how much she cares for her residents.

Vicky is extremely passionate about embracing new technology and taking the care center into the modern age. One thing in particular is OnShift. According to Vicky, “It has saved us so much time. We spend less time on the phone, and it gives the staff more involvement in scheduling. It’s great to meet the younger generation where they are at today.” Vicky truly believes that by making her staff’s lives easier, that they’ll be happier and be able to provide the best care to the residents. Anything that she can do to modernize processes at the care center, Vicky is on it.

Vicky also believes that honesty is incredibly important. She said, “Honesty is personal. If you can trust someone or someone can trust you, you can work better with them.” She takes this Core Value with her at work with her team, and also with the residents. Earning the trust of the people that she works with and the people that she cares for is her number one goal. As everyone at the care center is one big family, this is crucial. Vicky said, “It takes a village and everyone has to do their part to make it work. The staff here is terrific.”

Vicky believes that she has finally found her calling at Williamsburg. She is extremely content with what she does each day and the place that she works at. She can even see herself one-day retiring from Consulate Health Care. We wish Vicky the best in her career, and thank her for the dedication and passion she shares with our residents every day! Thank you Vicky!